Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

The MAPW Program offers a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing. A unique four-course, non-degree program, its aim is to provide instruction and membership in a community of writers to qualified writing students in metro Atlanta and North Georgia who seek intensive creative writing practice but who do not want to matriculate in a graduate program.

The Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing:

  • Allows qualified students to study in graduate-level writing workshops taught by professional writers
  • Is designed for those interested in improving their poetry, developing a story, scripting a play, or completing their memoirs
  • Offers students the opportunity to work with published authors in a serious and productive environment
  • Gives students a high level of writing instruction and brings writers into a community of engaged writers of all ages who are also seeking to improve their writing, to explore publishing opportunities, to participate in literary events, and to broaden their personal and professional horizons

Students seeking the Graduate Certificate take the same courses as degree-seeking students.

Required Coursework:

  • Students seeking the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing enroll in only four courses in order to earn the certificate.
  • They choose to focus in one of the creative writing genres offered in the MAPW program—fiction, poetry, film/TV, playwriting, or creative nonfiction—in which they will concentrate and are allowed to enroll only in the two workshops that the Program offers in that genre. They will first take the beginning course then the advanced one. For example, students who concentrate in fiction writing will take the beginning fiction writing course then the advanced fiction writing course.
  • Students are also required to take "Readings for Writers" (PRWR 6100) and "Careers in the Literary Arts" (PRWR 6800).
  • Because none of the courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing is offered every semester, students must plan their course of study carefully.

Application Process

Students interested in applying for the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing will apply in the same manner with the same deadline as degree-seeking students, except they are not required to take the GRE. See the “Home Page” for specific requirements.