Message from the Chair

Portrait of Professor Sheila Smith McKoy, Chair Welcome to the English Department, the largest department in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. A degree in English from Kennesaw State University will enable you to write effectively, to engage critically with texts and with people, and to understand how to make an impact locally, nationally and globally. What we teach is integral to any university degree; this is why almost every student at Kennesaw State University comes through our classes. Most importantly, we offer the B. A. degree in English, the B. S. degree in English Education as well as minors in film, in language and literary studies, and in writing. Our master’s degree, the Master of Arts in Professional Writing, one of the oldest graduate degrees at Kennesaw State, offers students advanced studies in Creative Writing, Applied and Professional Writing, and Composition and Rhetoric. Our MAPW program is not only unique, but it is also one of the premier professional writing degrees in our state and in the region.

The Department of English faculty are committed professionals in their fields. They research, publish and teach across the wide range of interests that define English Studies including American, British and World literatures, film, literary theory, rhetorical theory, teacher education, and the theoretical and practical study of academic, creative and professional writing. Our faculty provide opportunities for professional experience in our fields including offering students opportunities to engage in undergraduate and graduate research, study abroad experiences and internships.

The marketable skills you will learn in our department are the reasons why English majors are in high demand in a wide variety of professions. We prepare our students well for graduate school, for teaching, for law and other professional schools, and for careers in advertising, applied linguistics, creative writing, editing, education, film, grant-writing, literature, publishing and professional communications. In fact, English graduates are prepared for any profession that values analytical and critical thinking skills, creativity and proficiency in the use of language. Our graduates think critically; they engage deeply; and they change the world.

If this resonates with how you see yourself in the world, you will find a home in the Department of English. We are looking forward to seeing you transform the global community that awaits you. Please visit our departmental office in English Building 155. We have a committed, professional staff who will assist you. You may also contact me via email ( 

Sheila Smith McKoy
Chair and Professor