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  • Springternships

    "Springternships" Offer Short but Meaningful Resume-Boosting Experiences

    Feb. 26, 2020 - Program to help students where transportation issues and the cost of gas is preventing them from taking on internships.

  • Dan Markle and Gail Markle

    A Lasting Impression

    Feb. 25, 2020 - When Gail Markle assigns a project in class, she understands that for some students, going home to complete that assignment may be complicated, and not just because of the material.

  • Spanish FLED Students and FLED faculty Dr. Brian Olovson meet GADoE World Language Specialist Patrick Wallace

    Future Educators Participate in Statewide World Languages Job Fair

    Feb. 21, 2020 - Four Spanish/FLED Students and Faculty take part in the nation's largest world languages job fair at North Atlanta High School

  • Author Discussion: New Textbooks in Conflict Management

    Authors Discuss Conflict Management Textbooks and Offer Advice on Tenure, Publishing, and Time Management

    Susan Raines, Maia Hallward, Charity Butcher discuss their new textbooks in Conflict Management discuss conflict management textbooks and offer advice on tenure, publishing, and time management.

  • Patricia Wood, Senior Lecturer of Spanish, organized and MC

    Friendship Day 2020: Poetry, Food and Friendship from Around the World

    Feb. 14, 2020 - Students and faculty gathered to celebrate love in its many forms around the world with food and poetry.

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    KSU Foreign Language Students Head to National Conference

    Feb. 10, 2020 - Samuel Lee's unique contribution to the historical studies of Spain earns him funding from Kennesaw State's Office of Research to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in March.

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    "Where is the Love?": Cultivating Civility in the Campus Environment

    Ph.D. students in International Conflict Management Attend Workshop on Civility

  • Panelists discuss anxiety awareness and coping strategies

    Anxiety awareness film panel features Center for Conflict Management Research Scholar

    Jan. 23, 2020 - Dr. Allison Garefino, Research Scholar and Director of the Children and Family Programs in the Center for Conflict Management, was invited to serve on a panel discussion following the viewing of the documentary Angst.

  • KSU Spanish/Foreign Language Education students Kayla Stelzer, Grace Razo, and James Teague, with Dr. Brian Olovson

    KSU Foreign Language Education Participates in Mexican Consulate Cultural Immersion Event

    On Saturday, October 19th KSU Spanish/Foreign Language Education students Kayla Stelzer, Grace Razo, and James Teague, along with KSU Spanish/Foreign Language Education professor, Dr. Brian Olovson, participated the Cultural Immersion in Local Diaspora Communities event at the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta. They had the opportunity to tour the consulate, attend a presentation/interactive discussion by the Consul General of Mexico, participate in intercultural presentations, and engage with local Latino community leaders. This event was sponsored by CIFAL Atlanta, one of the 19 International United Nations Institutes for Training and Research.

  • Recent KSU Publications

    Recent Faculty Publications by Kennesaw State History and History Education Faculty

    Jan. 8, 2020 - Recent publications from KSU faculty Kay Traille, Charles T. Wynn, and Caroline Conner.

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