Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science

Note: Beginning in Fall 2020, this degree program name changes to the B.S. in Geospatial Sciences.

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Geographic Information Science (GISc) integrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with applied research domains. The GISc degree program aims at producing high caliber graduates who are well trained in the technology, theory, and application of GIS and information systems. Students receive fundamental knowledge of human and physical geography, along with specific content in one of two systems: environmental systems or urban systems. A Geographic Information Science degree provides students a set of skills to manipulate, analyze, assess, and visualize data by way of digital maps and/or map imagery to solve problems in areas like urban and regional design, marketing and industrial location, transportation, precision agriculture, forestry, environmental systems, engineering, epidemiology, emergency services, crime analysis, and utilities.

For more information on specific classes in the GIS degree program, see our B.S. in Geographic Information Science information in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.