Approved February 11, 2008

Article I - Name

The name of this committee is the College Faculty Council (CFC) of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

Article II - Purpose

The purposes of the CFC are to promote collegiality and effective shared governance of the college by increasing transparency and two-way communication between the faculty and the dean with regard to the development of policy and to increase communication about the implementation of policy including, but not limited to, strategic planning, annual budgeting, hiring, space and resource allocation, reassign-time, salaries and raises, appointment and reports of ad hoc committees. The CFC is advisory to the dean, who holds decision-making authority at the college level.

Article III - Members; Election of Chair

  1. CFC members should be tenured members of the department they represent. If there are no tenured members from a department willing and able to serve, a tenure-track member should be elected. 
  2. Each department in HSS will elect one member to the CFC for a three-year term. Terms among the members are staggered: the next elections, by department:
    Communication: 2009 (to serve 2009-12)
    English: 2008 (to serve 2008-11)
    Foreign Languages: 2009 (to serve 2009-12)
    Geography and Anthropology: 2010 (to serve 2010-13)
    History and Philosophy: 2008 (to serve 2008-11)
    Political Science and International Affairs: 2010 (to serve 2010-13)
    Psychology: 2010 (to serve 2010-13)
    Sociology and Criminal Justice: 2009 (to serve 2009-12)

    Departments should elect representatives no later than April 30th in the year their representative’s term expires, with the elected member to start that fall semester.

  3. A department may recall its CFC representative by a 2/3 vote of its permanent, full-time faculty. The department should replace a member who does not complete their term for any reason with a timely election.
  4. The college may choose to add additional members by 2/3 vote of the permanent, full-time faculty of the college.
  5. The dean is an ex officio non-voting member of the CFC. The dean and department chairs are not eligible to vote for or to serve as a CFC representative.
  6. The chair of the CFC must be an elected department representative who has served on the council the previous year, selected by majority vote of the elected members of the CFC. The term of chair will be one year, renewable by vote. Duties of the chair include preparation and publication of agendas and minutes.

Article IV - Meetings; Summer functioning

  1. The council shall hold meetings at least twice each fall and spring semester. The council chair or chair’s designee shall keep the CFC informed of relevant issues that arise during the summer; CFC may act via electronic voting during the summer, as needed.
  2. CFC meetings shall be open to the public except as required by law or written KSU policy; sessions with limited attendance or “executive session” will be addressed below. The CFC shall publish agendas and meeting times in advance, and publish minutes or a meeting summary within one week of the end of the relevant meeting that, at minimum, records attendance and all actions, decisions or recommendations of the CFC.
    1. The council may meet without the dean or members of the dean’s staff present.
    2. All sessions of the CFC and its Committees shall be open to the public except during Executive Session. The CFC and its Committees may, upon majority vote of those members present and constituting a quorum for business, meet in Executive Session to consider and act upon any matter. After an Executive Session of the CFC or of any of its Committees, the CFC or Committee shall announce to the College any decisions taken in Executive Session and shall record such actions in the official minutes.

Article V - Voting; quorum for voting

When matters require council decision, a majority vote of present members will represent council decision, provided a majority of council members are present.

Article VI - Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the members, provided that a notice setting forth the proposed amendment or amendments an explanation thereof and known objections thereto shall have been sent to each member at least ten days prior to the vote. Any member of the council may initiate an amendment.


Amendment I – Term of CFC Chair  (Amendment Passed by the CFC on March 18, 2014)
The term of the Chair of the CFC shall begin in January and continue through December.