What is Academic Advising?

Academic Advising is engaging with a student to help the student process and achieve his/her goals. Advising sessions are a collaborative process to help students understand the curriculum as well as develop personal and educational goals. Academic Advising is not telling a student what to do, but talking about options that can help a student achieve his/her goals for success. Every student is unique, so our approaches to academic advising are tailored individually to the student. 

The following advising methods are offered at the Undergraduate Advising center:

Professional Advisor- Professional advisors are seasoned advisors whose sole charge is to advise students in the College of Humanities and Social sciences. Our professional advisors train our peer advising team as well as work with students on exploring who they want to become in the future personally, professionally and academically. Professional advisors can use intrusive advising techniques, appreciative advising techniques, and academic coaching to help student attain their goals.

Faculty Advising- Faculty advisors bring their wealth of industry experience and expertise to students in order to help students understand all the possible career prospects that a degree in their specific field can be used for. The faculty advisors also help students, who decide to continue pursuing their education, navigate the best graduate schools to apply at based on that students background, goals, academic performance, and aspirations. Faculty assist with prescriptive advising in helping students learn about courses to take and the necessary pre-requisites as well as developmental advising in getting students on research teams and connected with faculty that share their interests.