Welcome to the official website of the School of Communication & Media at Kennesaw State University. If you are new to our community, this site will tell you about our mission, focus and curriculum and guide you to some useful resources to investigate the dynamic field of communication. We offer courses that expose students to the art and science of communication and prepare them to achieve fulfilling careers in media, journalism, public relations, organizational communication and other communication areas. Our courses lead to a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Emerging Media, Media & Entertainment, Organizational & Professional Communication or Public Relations.

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Take advantage of summer semester this year and sign up for one of these exciting SOCM courses! 

MENT 4436 (01) Topics in Entertainment Studies: Entertainment Podcasting (8 weeks)

Dr. McNeill will teach you how to use recording equipment, editing software, and hosting platforms in order to produce high-quality and professional-sounding audio. You will learn how to strategically prepare captivating and memorable segments, perform interviews with thought leaders, newsmakers, and influencers, and develop audio programming strategy skills.

  • Prerequisite: MENT 3100 & declared SOCM major
  • This course can count as a SOCM elective OR a "Media Literacy" requirement
  • CRN: 51422

PR 4415 (03) Topics in Public Relations: Event Planning & Management (June only, 4 weeks) 

Interested in learning more about event planning and management?  This PR Special Topics would be a great fit for you! Offered in the first summer session, students will get practical tips and hands-on practice planning a variety of public relations events. 

  • Prerequisite: PR 3335, declared SOCM major OR permission from SOCM for non-SOCM majors
  • This course can count as a SOCM elective OR a "PR Upper Division Elective" requirement
  • CRN: 51469

ORGC 3376 (01) Interpersonal Communication (June only, 4 weeks)

Dr. Philip Aust is offering this course during the first 4 weeks of the summer session. This hybrid class meets face-to-face from 2-4:45PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 29-June 25. This course emphasizes supervisor-subordinate communication but also covers effective interpersonal communication with roommates, friends, and family. 

  • Prerequisite: ENGL 1102
  • This course can count as a SOCM elective OR an "ORGC Upper Division" requirement
  • CRN: 51455 

JOUR 4450 (01) Video News Production (8 weeks) 

This summer is the perfect time to build your skills in video news production and fulfill one of your prerequisites for JOUR 4488 (Multi-Media Visions of Community)! Professor Bobby Gutierrez's JOUR 4450 will teach you everything you need to know about field production. This is the perfect class to help make you marketable for those TV news internships you're eyeing! 

  • Prerequisite: JOUR 3330, JOUR 3340 & declared SOCM major
  • This course can count as a SOCM elective OR an "Advanced Digital Journalism" requirement
  • CRN: 52597

We look forward to seeing you in class this summer!