CHSS Staff Member of the Year - Nomination Form

CHSS Staff Member of the Year

Excellence in Customer Service - The Staff nominated for this award is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and able to demonstrate commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. They may have exceeded customer’s expectations in a particular situation, or offer consistently high standards of service on a day to day basis, by going above and beyond what's expected or required. Please provide an example(s). Award amount $300.

Outstanding Team Member - This award is for a team member whose combined skills and attitude have made an outstanding contribution to positive change, a new initiative or success of the department/program/center/college. The person nominating the staff member must be able to demonstrate that the collective attitudes have resulted in remarkable improvement, or growth or experience that they provide. Please provide an example(s). Award amount $300.

A staff member can be nominated for both categories, but it must be two separate submissions.

Award winners in the last four years are not eligible.