External Scholarships

Internal Funding Opportunities


External Funding from Outside KSU

Competing for external funding is part of the professional development of doctoral candidates. Receiving a competitive external fellowship is an honor that stays with students throughout their career and can improve their professional prospects. Therefore, all PhD students are strongly encouraged to seek external financial support in the form of dissertation fellowships and grants to cover the dissertation related expenses. Any successfully acquired external funding will extend, not replace, the financial assistance received from the PhD program, as long as the student meets all other requirements for program funding.



The Philanthropic Education Organization, P.E.O., is a group of women dedicated to supporting women’s education. As part of their international organization, they offer opportunities for international women students attending U.S. and Canadian colleges seeking advanced degrees to obtain up to $12,500 in a scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to fill out an eligibility form September 15, 2016 through December 15, 2016. Students must have one year of study remaining and commit to returning to their country of origin within 60 days of completing their degree. Applicants will be required to sign an affidavit indicating such. Interested candidates should visit www.peointernational.org to find information regarding the International Peace Scholarship (IPS) under the P.E.O. Projects tab. An interested candidate must fill out the electronic application. Upon confirmation of eligibility, she will receive an application to complete.