Conflict management is an innovative and exciting approach to understanding and addressing complex problems ranging from the interpersonal to the international. Conflict management professionals have the knowledge to see the opportunities in conflict and the skills to create positive change. 

For almost 20 years, the Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM) at KSU has provided graduate students a solid grounding in the theory, research, and practice skills they need to "manage conflict like a pro".  


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  • Mar22
    Information Tables: MS in Conflict Management and PhD in International Conflict Management Time: 11:00 am Location: Burrus Building
  • Mar22
    SCMPD Brown Bag Seminar with Dr. Marcus Marktanner Time: 12:15 pm Location: Kennesaw State University
  • Mar25
    PhD in International Conflict Dissertation Defense, Yeju "Chloe" Choi Time: 10:00 am Location: Kennesaw State University