Internship Procedures

Contact our Director of Community Engagement:

Dr. Lara Smith-Sitton
(470) 578-3943
Office: English Building (EB) 220


Directed Study Procedures

Students may want to enroll in a directed study, a course in which a student works one-on-one with a member of the faculty.
A directed study cannot take the place of a course offered by the MAPW Program.

To enroll in a directed study, follow these steps.

  • Select a member of the faculty whose expertise correspond to the topic you plan on studying.
  • With the help of the faculty member supervising your directed study, create a detailed syllabus that includes a book list, a meeting-by-meeting schedule, and all requirements for completion of the course, including tests, papers, etc.
  • Then the faculty member will use Curriculog, and Directed Study v3.0 proposal form.

Contact for help:
Amy Vasinko
(470) 578-4951.