In March 2019, ISD Chair, Dr. Robbie Lieberman, published an article titled, "Teaching the Vietnam Anitwar Movement: Confronting Myths and Misconceptions," in Volume 105, Issue 4, of the Journal of American History. Learn more here

American Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Rebecca Hill, authored the feature article in the current issue of American Studies titled "Capital or the Capital?: The Hunger Games Fandom and Neoliberal Populism."  

At the 2018 American Studies Association (ASA) conference held in Atlanta, American Studies and Native American Studies professor Dr. Miriam Brown Spiers presented her paper titled, “Indigenous Experimental Genre Fiction: the Scientific, the Fantastic, and the Speculative.”

Also attending the 2018 ASA conference in Atlanta, American Studies professor Dr. Rudy Aguilar served on two roundtable discussions: "We Were Here before DACA, and We’ll Be Here after DACA: Latina/os in Atlanta and Their Quest for Academic Justice in the 21st-Century" and "Permutations and Ongoing Emergences within Transnational American Studies." 

Additionally, African and African Diaspora Studies professor Dr. Regina Bradley served on a roundtable discussion titled, "When the Heroes Eventually Die: A Critical Listening of Outkast’s 'Aquemini' on Its 20th Anniversary" at the 2018 ASA conference in Atlanta.

Finally, American Studies program director, Dr. Rebecca Hill, sat on a roundtable titled, "Whose Emergency and What Crisis?: Activist Responses to the Bipartisan Justice Reinvestment Initiative on Prison Sentencing Reform."

In November 2018, Dr. Sarasij Majumder published People's Car: Industrial India and the Riddles of Populism through Fordham University Press.

Dr. Rebecca Hill also has a book chapter in Reversing the Cult of Speed in Higher Education: The Slow Movement in the Arts and Humanities, edited by Jonathan Lee Chambers titled, "Read Another Book, Repeat If Necessary," released in November 2018.

ISD chair Dr. Robbie Lieberman authored a chapter titled "You'll Never Hear Kumbaya the Same Way Again": The Diffusion and Defusion of a Freedom Song" in Songs of Social Protest: International Perspectives, which was released in September 2018. 

Gender and Women's Studies professor Dr. La Shonda Mims, has a chapter titled "Nontraditional In Every Way" in Reshaping Women's History, released by University of Illinois Press in September 2018.

Additionally, Dr. Rebecca Hill published a review of "A Hundred Years of Fake News” in  American Quarterly, June 2018. 

African and African Diaspora Studies professor Dr. Seneca Vaught coauthored Is College a Lousy Investment?: Negotiating the Hidden Costs of Higher Education (Rowman & Littlefield) released in spring 2018.