Geospatial Science Faculty Spotlight

Allen D. RobertsAllen Roberts

Allen Roberts is the B.S. Degree in Geospatial Sciences Program Director and Associate Professor of Geospatial Sciences and Geography. He has over 20 years of research and applied experience within the engineering; hydrological; geospatial; and environmental fields that span the academic, non-profit, federal government, and private sectors.

Since 2005, he has instructed numerous courses in geospatial sciences, meteorology, environmental science, and renewable energy. From 2014 to 2018, his research activities involved the interlinkage of engineering with hydrology and how relevant landscape-based geospatial information can be utilized to unearth new correlations between these disciplines.

In October 2018, Allen was chosen as an NSF Workshop Fellow for the 1st National Community Geography Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia in January 2019. The workshop focused on bringing together academic researchers and community leaders interested in using geographic/GIS research for community development, social justice, and environmental sustainability within an engineered world.

Allen completed his PhD at the University of Maryland in Geographical Sciences. He also completed his B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 1997 and his M.S. in Geography (Hydroclimate Focus) from the University of Delaware in 2000.


Daniel BranhamDan Branham

Daniel Branham is a licensed land surveyor in the State of Georgia. he has been licensed since 1990. He has worked at Kennesaw State University since Fall of 2002 teaching surveying and mapping courses. Danile is the faculty advisor for the Student Surveying and Mapping Competition Team. He received his BS in Surveying and Mapping from West Virginia Tech in 1984. He  also received an MS in Construction Management from Kennesaw State University in 2019.


Patrick Devereux Patrick devereux

Patrick Devereux is a part time facility member at KSU and has been teaching since 2019. Most of Patrick’s career has been in the construction industry. After receiving a Masters in Civil Engineering, he spent 11 years working for an Engineering Firm and attaining his P. E. Since 2017 he has been in charge of a local Land Surveying Company and he is in the process of attaining a Survey License. Patrick tries to bring a “hands on” perspective to the classroom as well as rich and continuing experience in the construction industry.

 Patrick grew up in Marietta, and he is a graduate of Marietta High School and Georgia Tech.


Reza ShirazinejadReza Shirazinejad

Reza Shirazinejad is a full-time lecturer at Kennesaw State University and has been working at KSU since December 2018. Prior to joining KSU, Reza earned a doctoral degree from Kansas State University and then was an assistant professor at Bridge Valley College in West Virginia. The main courses he teaches at KSU are Surveying, AutoCAD, Static, Engineering Problem Solving, and Fluid Mechanics. His main research areas are traffic safety and transportation engineering. Reza is originally from Iran and his main hobby is playing and singing a form of Persian music called “Tombak”. He performed in talent shows several times at Kansas State University and was awarded third place for his performance in 2016.


Matt WilsonMatt Wilson

Matt Wilson is a Registered Land Surveyor (GA) and Professor of Geospatial Sciences. Matt holds an undergraduate in Civil Engineering Technology from Southern Tech (currently KSU) and an MS in Surveying and Mapping from the University of Florida. He started teaching at Southern Tech (which recently became KSU) in 1995 in the Civil Engineering Technology Department. He typically teaches upper-level surveying classes and advises students on registration for land surveying. His specialty is boundary surveys and serving as an expert witness in related matters. He has a penchant for most things cycling, running, the Gulf Coast and cookies.

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