Classroom Engagement Opportunities

Whether you're interested in a speaker for part of a class period or in need of someone to cover an entire class session, there are several offices who make staff available for classroom presentations and training sessions.

  • Help us spread the word about homelessness by hosting a Classroom Presentation.  Each year we ask you to allow community persons to come into your classrooms and speak to your students about homelessness and hunger.  The guest speakers are individuals who either work with homeless persons or have been homeless or hungry at one time.

  • The CPS staff is available to offer the below presentations in your classroom. 

    Presentation requests must be received at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the request date.  Requests made less than 2 weeks in advance are not guaranteed to be filled.  Our CPS Outreach Coordinator will contact you to discuss your request further. 

    Please note, a professor can request a maximum of 2 presentations per semester. 

    Professor must be present during the presentation.  The below presentations are approximately 30-45 minutes including discussion time. 

    Sources of Strength (S.O.S.) Suicide Prevention
    This presentation is designed to help students identify warning signs, engage in crisis management, understand confidentiality in counseling,develop coping skills, and learn more about resources for getting help.

    Asking for a Friend
    This presentation is designed to help individuals understand and talk about mental health with others.  Topics addressed include warning signs, how to approach talking about mental health, ways to be supportive of a friend or loved one experiencing mental health challenges, and resources for seeking out help.

    Mental Health 101
    This presentation is focused on identifying the components of mental health, how we utilize them, how they impact our everyday lives, and a few good mental health practices that can be implemented.

  • Cultural and Community Centers (CCC) offers workshops which create supportive spaces for students to engage in meaningful conversations around issues of diversity and inclusion. These workshops are designed for various audiences and can be tailored to fit any group whether it be as an in-classroom presentation or co-curricular experience (i.e., student organization meeting, student leader training, leadership/diversity conference, etc.).

  • Advisors from the Department of Career Planning & Development (CPD) are available to present to your classes for as little as 5 minutes and up to a full class session.  Presentation topics include an overview of our services and resources, how to participate in an internship or co-op experience, and "how to" presentations on resume writing, interviewing, and preparing for a job fair.

    We can also connect you with employers who would love to come and speak with your class.

    For the best chance of ensuring staff availability for your presentation, please submit all requests at least 1 week in advance.

  • To request a presentation from Department of Student Leadership and Service, please email us with your presentation specifications at

  • All programs are facilitated by certified peer health educators, registered dietitians, or professional health educators and are approximately one hour in length.  However, the program can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

    If you are interested in requesting a program, please complete the request form and submit to Health Promotion and Wellness at least 3-4 weeks prior to your event.

  • In this 35-minute live and interactive webinar a librarian will present students with an overview of library resources and services.  Throughout the session, librarians will push questions to students via their smart phones and respond in real-time.  All orientation sessions are pre-scheduled.  To participate, register for the session that works with your schedule.  Best of all, you just need to register once per section and attend as a class.

  • The Office of Emergency Management offers training on a multitude of topics.  If you want any of our training classes taught specifically to your office or department, just contact us at and we will accommodate!

  • Presentations for undergraduate students are co-facilitated by trained undergraduate student leaders engaged in the Safe Space Student Leadership Initiative.

    If your participants are primarily graduate students, please use the Staff/Faculty workshop request from below.

    Both a Basic and an Advanced workshop are available for students:

    • Student Safe Space Basic, 1 hour 15 minutes
      This workshop covers the basics of language, identity terms, legal environment, and campus resources for the GLBTIQ community.
      This workshop is ideal for classroom presentations.
    • Student Safe Space, 2 hours 30 minutes
      This workshop provides a more in-depth exploration of GLBTIQ communities, focusing on building awareness of climate, knowledge of experiences/challenges, and working towards allyship through action. Topics covered include those of the Basic workshop as well as institutional bias, microaggressions, and allyship.
      Because of the emphasis on allyship, participation in this workshop should be voluntary.
      Both of these workshops can be adapted to address the specific needs of your class or student organization.

  • The mission of the ZMA Outreach and Education Program is to provide access to art and ideas that are unique and contemporary. To do so, we:

    • Present experiences that inspire participants through creativity.
    • Employ a variety of learning styles, so participants are an active part of their educational exploration.
    • Develop activities that reach beyond the museum walls by promoting visual literacy.
    • Act as a conduit for interdisciplinary programs through partnerships that challenge what art and a museum can do.

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