FLED Program

FLED Concentration

As a FLED student, you will be applying for admission to the Teacher Education Program in the Bagwell School of Education. First, contact the FLED advisor, Karen Graf, who will help you through the process. Contact her by email at kgraf1@kennesaw.edu. Also, you will need a recommendation from one of your language instructors, which is easily submitted online

Checklists for Undergraduate FLED Concentration

Below, you can access the checklists to guide you through your program. 

FLED Course Checklist for Chinese
FLED Course Checklist for French
FLED Course Checklist for German
FLED Course Checklist for Spanish

Alternative Teacher Preparation and Certification

If you are seeking to become a second language teacher with your degree or are currently teaching a foreign language but need certification, we also provide a pathway to certification. The following documents will guide you through that process.