The Korean Program opens doors to the diverse aspects of Korean language and culture in relation with the world and helps students prepare their anticipated future of any interrelated endeavors.


Program Overview

Asian Studies Major

KOR 2001 and 2002 fulfill the 6-credit hour lover level language requirements for the Asian Studies major. Four courses of third-year Korean fulfill the 12-credit hour upper division language requirements for the Asian Studies major.

Asian Studies Minor

One course from KOR 1001~2002 fulfills the 3-credit hour requirement for the Asian Studies minor.

Coming soon: Korean minor


Teaching opportunities in Korea

On the EPIK (English Program in Korea) and the TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) programs sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, participants teach English in public schools around Korea.   


Employment opportunities

Korean is the most spoken foreign language, behind Spanish, in Georgia that has extensive ties with Korea and Korean businesses. Many major South Korean companies in electronics, vehicles, machinery, and industrial technologies such as Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors and LG Electronics have plants and branches in the Southeast U.S. and add jobs to local communities. There are over 50 Korean-owned facilities operating in Georgia, employing over 5,000 Georgians, especially in automotive manufacturing. The fast growing Korean community in the metropolitan Atlanta area that is ranked as having the firth largest Korean-American population of any city in the U.S. also needs professionals to engage and communicate with Korean-speaking people in a variety of job-specific situations such as the medical and legal fields.


Advocacy: Why Study Korean?

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Student Organizations

Korean Language Club (KLC)
Advisor: Dr. Jeongyi Lee (jlee234@kennesaw.edu)

Korean Student Association
Advisor: Dr. Jeongyi Lee (jlee234@kennesaw.edu)