Placement Testing

You can take an online Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam (CAPE) at any time for the following languages:

Results of this exam do not grant academic credit. Combined with information regarding the student's background or history with the language, results of this exam assist the Department of Foreign Languages and the Undergradaute Advising Center in placing you in the appropriate course. 

Please Note

You will have to register and pay for the exam ($10). 

When the online placement exam is complete, you will receive an overall score (points). Please note the range of scores for placement purposes area and the course level that corresponds to your points. This is the course in which KSU recommends you enroll. If the recommendation is for the 2001 or 2002 level, you must complete a pre-requisite override request form.

You must complete the a placement exam and have the override request form approved before you can register for 2001 or 2002 level courses.

At the conclusion of the test, the computer displays your performance level. The results should include a recommendation for a course suited to your ability level. If you are unsure about which course to register for, contact Patricia Tilbian, Lab Coordinator, Foreign Language Resource Collection/Language Lab, Pilcher 133, (470) 578-2197.

For technical support, please contact Emmersion Learning, which hosts and administers the exam.