Scope of Collection

The Center’s holdings focus on the following types of collections:



To supplement the collection of the Horace Sturgis Library at Kennesaw State University the Center provides volumes of published works pertaining to the Civil War era. The Center has already purchased the foundation for any serious Civil War collection - The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. This 123-volume set is a comprehensive collection of the records for both the Union and Confederate armies during the war. It is the starting point for scholars interested in studying the Civil War.



The Center seeks original primary source documents in the form of letters, diaries, and other non-published materials related to individuals and organizations from the Civil War Era, particularly related to Cobb County and North Georgia.



As feasible, the Center will collect microfilm or microfiche related to the following subject areas:

  • Pension and service records for soldiers
  • Population census records from 1850-1870
  • Agricultural and slave schedules for the covered states
  • Civilian wartime records, including Confederate salt records
  • Civil War era newspapers
  • Plantation records
  • Unit histories
  • Out-of-print books such as first-generation narratives
  • Diaries, letters, or manuscript materials unavailable in other formats


Digital and Electronic Resources

If the materials listed under the microforms section are available in digital or electronic format, the electronic format will take precedence due to cost and space considerations. Also, other databases may be acquired if appropriate in scope and content to the Center's mission.


Music and Sound Recordings

The Center will collect audio recordings appropriate to its mission. Examples include Civil War era music, oral history interviews, slave narratives, folk songs and tales, and other types of cultural documentation.


Strategic Simulations

The Center has a number of simulations related to the Civil War era. Popularly known as "war games," strategic simulations have a long history in the education of military officers. These simulations are valuable tools for understanding the complexity of Civil War battles and command decisions.


Visual Arts

The Center will collect visual materials, including photographs, negatives, graphics, maps, architectural drawings, film, and video that relate to the outlined topics, geographical area, and time period.