Podcast: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace


KENNESAW, Ga. (Nov 17, 2020) — Can we be biased toward a particular group and not even know it?  Find out this month on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Thought-Provoking podcast as host Shelly Kiser, Communications Manager, talks with Tracie Stewart, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological Science, on unconscious, or implicit, bias.

We’ll also discover how researchers can see the unseen using technology to uncover unconscious biases. Dr. Stewart will explain how we learn biases, and whether we are all biased or if there are truly non-prejudiced people.

Then we’ll explore how to test bias in hiring and whether we are good at determining if we are impacted by someone’s bias during an interview. Dr. Stewart will share her research on the impact that a diverse workplace has on productivity and the type of bias that most impacts a work team. We’ll also discuss the unexpected impact of color-blind workplace policies.

Finally, we’ll learn about Dr. Stewart’s model for anti-bias training in the workplace. We’ll also find out what we personally can do to reduce bias in the workplace.

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