Program Samples

Program Checklists

Please contact the Psychology department if you are unsure which checklist to use.

    • Bring a completed Degree Checklist with you to the advising appointment
    • Use Degree Works in Owl Express to complete your Degree Checklist
    • Obtain a copy of the Degree Checklist that corresponds to your catalog year located on the wall-mounted file organizer outside of the main Psychology Department Office (Social Sciences Building, Room 4030).


    Sign up for advising to ensure you achieve academic success and you are on track for graduation!

  • You can schedule an advising appointment with a Peer Advisor by visiting the College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS) Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC).

    The UAC is located in Willingham Hall, Room 223 (470-578-7728).
    The UAC:

    • Focuses on advising freshmen and sophomores (less than 60 earned hours) concerning the academic requirements of their degree
    • Guides students to KSU’s various student resources
    • Can lift first-year advising holds and assist with general registration questions
  •  Advising for juniors and seniors is conducted in the Spring and Fall semesters. Department faculty and staff are available to meet individually with students during scheduled appointment times for course planning and degree progress review. Students will sign up for advising in the main Psychology Department Office (Social Sciences Building, Room 4030). 
  • A capstone course designed to complete the major by integrating the student's prior academic experiences in psychology. Contemporary issues, problems, research, and theories from the different areas identified in the psychology curriculum will be examined. Discussion will focus on both substantive and methodological concerns, as well as interconnections among areas of study. A seminar format will be used throughout the course to encourage student participation and interaction with peers and with faculty. Prerequisites: PSYC 3301, and one course from each of the five psychology course areas (any one of the five psychology course areas can be completed concurrently with PSYC 4499), and an application.
  • These courses require a special admissions process. Please click the applicable link below for an application or visit the Psychology Department in Room 4030 of the Social Sciences Building. You must meet all requirements and prerequisites before submitting these applications.

  • Students must meet with and obtain approval from a faculty member prior to registering for Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant hours. Students planning to register as a Teaching Assistant must complete the UTA Application, Confidentiality Agreement, and Checklist (available on this website or from the main Psychology Department Office, Room 4030). Forms for Research Assistants are available in Room 4030.
  • When you are planning to graduate, you must petition to graduate at least one semester prior to your planned graduation semester. Refer to the Registrar's website for specific instructions and deadlines.